Rory Fuller | Off the Old Spanish Trail



Just off the Old Spanish trail outside Tecopa, CA lies the Amargosa Basin. The landscape is dotted with old gypsum mines and abandoned homesteads which once thrived due to the only free-flowing river in the Mojave Desert. Evidence of industry isn't always obvious, it leaves behind traces, yet the ancient mud hills and mesquite trees conceal the old West in a mask of golden bronze and green.

I spent two weeks working and living on a date farm in the Mojave Desert last fall. On my time off I would follow coyote trails through the canyons, down riverbeds and across the plains; photographing this unique wilderness and those I met along the way.

Rory is a photographer based in Brighton, UK and a recent graduate of Nottingham Trent University. Naturally curious of anthropology and our turbulent relationship with the environment, particularly interested in post-industrial places and how the land persists and adapts when industry packs up and moves on.