Saved by Thumb #02


Selected by | Max Ferguson | Splash & Grab Editor | @maxferguson

"My choices represent the wide range of photographers we work with at Splash & Grab. These are some of our favourite photographs from people who have taken over our Instagram account".

Iacopo Pasqui |  @iacopopasqui

Iacopo Pasqui | @iacopopasqui

Tori Ferenc |  @toriferenc

Tori Ferenc | @toriferenc

Cian Oba-Smith |  @cianobasmith

Cian Oba-Smith | @cianobasmith

Jess Farran |  @j_farran

Jess Farran | @j_farran

Felix von der Osten |  @fvdo

Felix von der Osten | @fvdo

Saved by Thumb invites curators, editors and publishers to share five images saved to their personal Instagram account.