Unveil'd Photobook Award 2017


First Prize

One Sun, One Shadow  |  Shane Lavalette [US]  |  Lavalette

"Shane Lavalette was commissioned by the High Museum of Art in Atlanta to create a new series of photographs for their 2012 exhibition, Picturing the South.

Lavalette’s monograph, One Sun, One Shadow, is an extension of this body of work. Native to the Northeast, it was primarily through traditional music — the sounds of old time, blues, and gospel — that Lavalette had formed a relationship with the South. With that in mind, the region’s rich musical history became the natural entry point for this project and the resulting photographs. One Sun, One Shadow includes a text by artist and poet Tim Davis". 





Hunter Grill  |  Alexandre Christiaens [BE]  |  Origini Edizioni

"From barbarity to conflicts, conflicts to chaos, chaos to breakdown, sea ice cracks and melts.
All is power, tides and silences; winds ascend summits, cruise through oceans, meet up with deserts, plains and forests.

They whisper to trees, pebbles and beasts the unbounded arrogance of men and the ignorance which prevents them from simply observing loving better". 


Arch  |  Anne Erhard & Cameron Williamson [UK]  |  Self-published

“Spring opens like a blade there.” – Anne Carson

"Arch is a joint piece by Anne Erhard and Cameron Williamson that departs from examinations of the nature of surface and the idea of the mask. Light as an aggressive force paints a world of layered matter and unstable distinctions between the materials of the photographic. Finding its first iteration from a line of poetry by Anne Carson that binds two separate projects, Arch is an on-going collaboration that has also been turned into a publication". 


Nos Feux Nous Appartiennent  |  Marine Lanier [FR]  |  Poursuite & JB Editions

Nos feux nous appartiennent gathers together different series that have been echoing each other since 2006. This collection explores the theme of the clan and by extension the concept of belonging, through the narratives that run through it and the remote imaginary places that family legends recount.
The word “clan” comes from the Gaelic word for family, or offspring. It also derives from the Gaelic word for sprout and thus speaks to us of branches, roots, ramifications and fragments that resurface in an obsessional manner (...)" 


Itaca |  Gabriele Rossi [IT] |  Yard Press

“What after all is photography if not this infinite search, undertaken by those, who, like Odysseus, cannot accept to look always at the same horizon, who want to know and understand what that space that we can occupy in this world is, to understand what relation we can have with it? Gabriele Rossi’s Itaca shows in the making the technical and spiritual, formal and existential practice necessary to pursue and a find a balance between us and the world and to use photography as a tool for an insatiable search. The practice has, here, the form of a journey, prompted by the need to find – as has always been for Ulysses – that original place one can only really be touched and understood after passing through other places and other times: the horizon is forever moving away, but it does not cease to remind us of the existence of a destination". 


Cubby's Tarn |  Joseph Wright [UK]  |  JW Editions

"In Cubby’s Tarn Joseph continues to explore his long held fascination with our connection to the land. To places; the past and present, how we have shaped and influenced its use, and of how it has shaped and affected our lives at both a physical and spiritual level. But one area that has intrigued him more than most is this notion of the genius loci – the belief that places have an abiding protective spirit (...)"




The Whole House is Shaking  |  Thomas Duffield [UK]  |  Tide Press

Man Next Door  |  Rob Hornstra  [NL] |  Self-published 

While Leaves Are Falling  |  Takahiro Kaneyama  [JP]  |  Akaaka

Pictures for Alice  |  Irina Kholodna [DE]  |  Self-published

From Your Window Sill  |  Winne Lievens [BE]  |  Self-published 

Performing Grounds  |  Patrick Morarescu [DE]  |  Trema Förlag

Boots, Tracks & Biscuits  |  Lucy Saunders [UK] | Self-published 

After the Firebird |  Ekaterina Vasilyeva [RU]  |  Self-published 

Flirting with Monsters  |  Megan Wilson-De La Mare [UK]  |  Self-published


About the Panel


Jessica Lennan | Unveil'd Photobook Lead, Lecturer & Co-director of artist's studio and exhibition space Dodo Photo

Robert Darch | Unveil'd Project Coordinator, Photographer, Educator & Co-director of artist's studio and exhibition space Dodo Photo

Tom Coleman | Unveil'd Founding Director

Oliver Udy | Photographer, Lecturer & Publisher, Antler Press

Lola Paprocka | Unveil'd Photobook Award 2016 Winner & Publisher, Palm*